Saturday, March 16, 2019


The Morning After, Sunday March 17, 2019 on WVUD, 91.3

It's March 17th, St. PAtty's day.  Sorry, Folks.  No Irish music on today's show.  I know on the 17th of March everyone's Irish but...I'll leave the Celtic stuff to the experts.  So here's the playlist for today:

Artist :Holmes BrothersSong:Feed My SoulAlbum/CD :Feed My Soul
Artist :Terence Blanchard, Branford Marsalis, et lSong:Mo' Better BluesAlbum/CD :Mo' Better Blues S/T
Artist :Dr JohnSong:SolitudeAlbum/CD :Duke Elegant
Artist :Brad Mehldau TrioSong:AlfieAlbum/CD :Day is Done
Artist :Harvey MasonSong:Smoke Gets in Your EyesAlbum/CD :Jerome Kern, Otto Harbach
Artist :Robert GlasperSong:Yes I'm Country and That's O.K.Album/CD :Double Booked
Artist :Yuseff LateefSong:Don't Blame MeAlbum/CD :Eastern Sounds
Artist :Paul BollenbackSong:My GirlAlbum/CD :Soul Grooves
Artist :Mike DownesSong:Bell ParkAlbum/CD :Ripple Effect
Artist :Good PenguinSong:WindowAlbum/CD :A Humbrum Star
Artist :Bobby McFerrinSong:I Shall Be ReleasedAlbum/CD :Spirityouall
Artist :Arto LindsaySong:My Mind Is GoingAlbum/CD :The Subtle Body
Artist :Helado NegroSong:Fantasma VagaAlbum/CD :This Is How You Smile
Artist :Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsSong:Into My ArmsAlbum/CD :The Boatman's Call
Artist :Leonard CohenSong:In My Secret LifeAlbum/CD :Live in London
Artist :Nels Cline & Julian LageSong:Whispers from EveAlbum/CD :Room
Artist :David ByrneSong:Tiny ApocalypseAlbum/CD :Grown Backwards
Artist :DysnomiaSong:YmirAlbum/CD :Dawn of Midi
Artist :Café TacubaSong:El OutsiderAlbum/CD :Sino
Artist :Ry Cooder & Manuel GalbanSong:Mambo SinuendoAlbum/CD :Mambo Sinuendo
Artist :Manu ChaoSong:Bongo BongAlbum/CD :Clandestino
Artist :Manu ChaoSong:Je Ne T'Aime PlusAlbum/CD :Clandestino
Artist :Manu ChaoSong:Merry BluesAlbum/CD :Esperanza
Artist :Manu ChaoSong:PromiscuityAlbum/CD :Esperanza
Artist :Orlando Cachaito LopezSong:RedencionAlbum/CD :Orlando Cachaito Lopez
Artist :Michelle ShockedSong:Lonely PlanetAlbum/CD :Mexcan Standoff
Artist :Helado NegroSong:RunningAlbum/CD :This Is How You Smile
Artist :Mansur BrownSong:GodwilingAlbum/CD :Shiroi
Artist :Walter BeckerSong:Down In The BottomAlbum/CD :11 Tracks of Whack
Artist :Good PenguinSong:Weird CatAlbum/CD :Man Made Object
Artist :KhruanginSong:White GlovesAlbum/CD :The Universe Smiles Upon You
Artist :The IguanasSong:Oye IsabelAlbum/CD :Nuevo Boogaloo
Artist :Chris Hazelton's Boogaloo SevenSong:Tru-GaluAlbum/CD :The Basement Beat
Artist :George Benson & Jack McDuffSong:601 1/2 No. PoplarAlbum/CD :George Benosn & Jack McDuff
Artist :Ben PatersonSong:The VibratorAlbum/CD :Live at Van Gelder's
Artist :Bobby CharlesSong:Long FaceAlbum/CD :Bobby Charles
Artist :Little FeatSong:New Delhi Freight TrainAlbum/CD :Time Loves A Hero
Artist :Little FeatSong:All That You DreamAlbum/CD :The Last Record Album
Artist :Paul Barrere & Fred TackettSong:Down on The FarmAlbum/CD :Live From North Café
Artist :Lowell GeorgeSong:Spanish MoonAlbum/CD :Lowell's Last Show

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Saturday, February 23, 2019


The Morning after, Sunday February 24, 2019

What!!!!  We're almost finished with two months of 2019?  Let's see if this film soundtracks and songs themed list will help that go down easier.

Artist :Jacques LousierSong:Fugue No. 5 In D MajorAlbum/CD :Plays Bach
Artist :Tom WaitsSong:New York Mood (#5)Album/CD :Night on Earth
Artist :Bill Evans Jim HallSong:Stairway to the StarsAlbum/CD :Undercurrent
Artist :Art FarmerSong:AlfieAlbum/CD :The Summer Knows
Artist :Janet BakerSong:I Have :ost Track of The WorldAlbum/CD :Coffee & Cigarettes
Artist :Eva CassidySong:What A Wonderful WorldAlbum/CD :Live at Blues Alley
Artist :Darron GlaggSong:C-Major Prelude From The Well Tempered ClavierAlbum/CD :Bagdad Café S/T
Artist :Bill EvansSong:Spartacus Love ThemeAlbum/CD :Conversations With Myself
Artist :Norah JonesSong:The Nearness of YouAlbum/CD :Come Away With Me
Artist :Tony ScherrSong:I Want You To Want MeAlbum/CD :Twist in the Wind
Artist :Mary Elizabeth MastrantonioSong:Dimming of the DayAlbum/CD :Limbo S/T
Artist :Richard & Linda ThompsonSong:Walking on a WireAlbum/CD :Shoot Out The Lights
Artist :Jimmy Bruno w/ Tony Miceli & Jeff PedrazSong:Upstairs for CoffeeAlbum/CD :Maplewood Avenue
Artist :Henry ButlerSong:How InsensitiveAlbum/CD :For All Seasons
Artist :John ColtraneSong:My Favorite ThingsAlbum/CD :My Favorite Things
Artist :Harold MabernSong:I Remember CliffordAlbum/CD :The Iron Man: Live at Smoke
Artist :Marialy Pacheco TrioSong:Night on EarthAlbum/CD :Destinos
Artist :Bob DylanSong:Things Have ChangedAlbum/CD :Wonder Boys S/T
Artist :Jeff BridgesSong:Hold On YouAlbum/CD :Crazy Heart S/T
Artist :Bradley CooperSong:AlibiAlbum/CD :A Star is Born
Artist :Will CourtneySong:Too high NowAlbum/CD :Crazy Love
Artist :Sean RoweSong:To Leave Something Behind (#17)Album/CD :The Accountnat S/T
Artist :Seth WalkerSong:Trouble (Don't Want No)Album/CD :Sky Still Blue
Artist :The Blues doctorsSong:Watermelon ManAlbum/CD :Roosters Happy Hour
Artist :Dr. JohnSong:I Ain't No Johnny MercerAlbum/CD :Mercernary
Artist :Dr. JohnSong:TangerineAlbum/CD :Mercernary
Artist :In BusineesSong:Spliff's Puter Rim (Part i)Album/CD :Space Story
Artist :In BusinessSong:SpacemanAlbum/CD :Space Story
Artist :Kris BowersSong:Wake The NeighborsAlbum/CD :Heroes & Misfits

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