Saturday, September 29, 2018


The Morning After Sunday, September 30, 2018

Oh that sneaky time. It's come upon this, this last day of the 3rd quarter.  Soon, (If not already) we will be inundated with this pesky Christmas/Holiday adverts.  Well, at least it'll block out the Washington D.C. verborrhea..

Here's the playlist that will be, in general, adhered to for today's show.

Artist :Gavin BryarsSong:My First HomageAlbum/CD :Hommages
Artist :Henry ButlerSong:How InsensitiveAlbum/CD :For All Seasons
Artist :Jubilant SykesSong:Take It With MeAlbum/CD :Wait For Me
Artist :Bill Charlap TrioSong:There Is No MusicAlbum/CD :Notes From New York
Artist :Charles Lloyd & The MarvelsSong:You Are So BeautifulAlbum/CD :I Long To See You
Artist :Bill FrisellSong:Pretty StarsAlbum/CD :Music Is
Artist :Ian Shaw & Cedar WaltonSong:I Thought About YouAlbum/CD :In A New York Minute
Artist :Ben SidranSong:Gotta Serve SomebodyAlbum/CD :Dylan Different
Artist :Ranky TankySong:That's AlrightAlbum/CD :Ranky Tanky
Artist :Sean RoweSong:MadmanAlbum/CD :Madman
Artist :Joe HenrySong:You Can't Fail Me NowAlbum/CD :Civilians
Artist :Catherine RussellSong:Aged & MellowAlbum/CD :Bring It Back
Artist :Angie WellsSong:Nice Girls Don't Stay For BreakfastAlbum/CD :Love & Mischief
Artist :Greg BrownSong:You Drive Me CrazyAlbum/CD :Greg Brown
Artist :Jerry GrabnelliSong:CaldoniaAlbum/CD :Dance Hall
Artist :Lee BriceSong:RumourAlbum/CD :Lee Brice
Artist :John HiattSong:Real Fine LoveAlbum/CD :Stolen Moments
Artist :John HiattSong:Perfectly Good GuitarAlbum/CD :Perfectly Good Guitar
Artist :Richard ThompsonSong:Bones of GileadAlbum/CD :13 Rivers
Artist :Will HogeSong:Even If It Breaks Your HeartAlbum/CD :The Wreckage
Artist :Neil Young & Crazy HorseSong:Mansion on The HillAlbum/CD :Weld
Artist :Cedric BurnsideSong:Hard To Stay CoolAlbum/CD :Benton County Relic
Artist :Cold SweatSong:Try MeAlbum/CD :Plays J. B.
Artist :Clarence CarterSong:Doin' Our ThingAlbum/CD :Snatching It Back
Artist :Aretha FranklinSong:The WeightAlbum/CD :Duane Allman An Anthoogy
Artist :Greg AllmanSong:Little By LittleAlbum/CD :Low Country Bllues
Artist :Dan Tyack & Chuc CampbellSong:Amazing GraceAlbum/CD :Scared Steel Convention
Artist :Robet Randolph & The Family BandSong:Be Thej ChangeAlbum/CD :Got Soul
Artist :Bo RamseySong:Back No MoreAlbum/CD :Down to Bastrop
Artist :Jeffrey FoucaultSong:I Left This TownAlbum/CD :Live In Portland, OR  11/5/2105
Artist :Jeffrey FoucaultSong:War On The RadioAlbum/CD :Blood Brothers
Artist :Jeffrey FoucaultSong:AppelineAlbum/CD :Ghost Repeater
Artist :The GlandsSong:Livin' Was EasyAlbum/CD :The Glands
Artist :LambchopSong:The Man Who Loved BeerAlbum/CD :How I Quit Smoking
Artist :Beau HunksSong:Little Dancing GirlsAlbum/CD :
Artist :David ByrneSong:Gasoline & Dirty SheetsAlbum/CD :American Utopia
Artist :Lillywhite MixSong:Nothing But flowersAlbum/CD :Remix
Artist :Adekunlu GoldSong:SadeAlbum/CD :Gold
Artist :Yusseff KamalSong:LowriderAlbum/CD :Black Focus

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