Thursday, February 19, 2009


The Local Rag

All in all, a fine little piece on University of Delaware's radio station, WVUD, in today's News Journal. The new station manager, Steve Kramarck, should be given high marks in getting the word out and in doing the fine-line walking between keeping the station at a giddy amateur level (99.9% of the folks there are unpaid volunteers) while establishing a sense of professionalism into the venture.


Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sunday, February 15, 2009 (day after St. Valentine's Day)

The play list for today's Morning After was :

Artist : Tortoise Composition: I Set My Face To The Hillside Album / CD : TNT
Artist : Glenn Close reading Pablo Neruda's Composition: I Like for You to Be Still Album / CD : Il Postino S/T
Artist : Irvin Mayfield & Ellis Marsalis Composition: Mo' Betta Blues Album / CD : Love Songs, Ballads, & Stardust
Artist : The Persuasions Composition: Oh! Darling Album / CD : ..Sing the Beatles
Artist : Melody Gardot Composition: Love Me Like A River Does Album / CD : Worrisome Heart
Artist : Holly Cole Composition: I Want You Album / CD : Temptations
Artist : Holme Brotheres Composition: We Meet, We Part, We Remember Album / CD : Simple Truths
Artist : Eva Cassidy Composition: Fields of Gold Album / CD : Live @ Blues Alley
Artist : Richard & Linda Thompson Composition: Dimming of the Day / Dareal Album / CD : Pour Down Like Silver
Artist : Kate Wolf Composition: Give Yourself to Love Album / CD : The Wind Blows Wild
Artist : Billy Bragg Composition: I Keep Faith Album / CD : Mr. Love & Justice
Artist : Bill Charlap Trio Composition: Somewhere Album / CD : Somewhere
Artist : Matthew Ryan Composition: Sunk Album / CD : East Autumn Grin
Artist : Guy Davis Composition: Sweetheart like You Album / CD : Sweetheart Like You
Artist : Al Green Composition: Just Fro Me Album / CD : Lay It down
Artist : Flight of the Conchords Composition: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World Album / CD : Flight of the Conchords
Artist : Huoston Person & Bill Charlap Composition: If I Ruled the World Album / CD : You Taught My Heart To Sing
Artist : David "Fathead" Newman Composition: Skylark Album / CD : Diamonhead
Artist : Bill Evans Composition: Stairway to the Stars Album / CD : Undercurrent
Artist : Dr. John Composition: Nearness of You Album / CD : ..Plays Mac Rebennack, Vol. 1
Artist : Dr. John Composition: I Ain't no Johnny Mercer Album / CD : Mercernary
Artist : Dr. John Composition: How Come My Dog Don't Bark When You Come Around? Album / CD : Goin' Back to New Orleans
Artist : J.J. Grey & Mofro Composition: I Believe in Everything Album / CD : Orange Blossoms
Artist : J.J. Grey & Mofro Composition: Six Ways to Sunday Album / CD : Lochloosa
Artist : Holmes Brothers Composition: Hey Baby! Album / CD : Simple Truths
Artist : The Jazz Passengers Composition: The Tide is High Album / CD : Individually Twisted
Artist : Michelle Shocked Composition: I Know What u Dub Album / CD : Dub Natural
Artist : Michelle Shocked Composition: Lonely Planet Album / CD : Mexican Standoff
Artist : Matthew Ryan Composition: Heartache Weather Album / CD : East Autumn Grin
Artist : Tommy Womack Composition: Alpha Male & The Canine Mystery Blod Album / CD : There, I Said it!
Artist : Billy Bragg Composition: Must I Paint You A Picture? Album / CD : Worker's Playtime
Artist : Matthew Ryan Composition: American Dirt Album / CD : Matthew Ryan v. Silver State
Artist : TV On The radio Composition: Family Tree Album / CD : Dear Science
Artist : Andrew Bird Composition: Tenuousness Album / CD : Noble Beast
Artist : Bill Bragg Composition: Valentine's Day is Over Album / CD : Worker's Playtime
Artist : Jenny Scheinman Composition: Hard Sole Shoe Album / CD : Crossing the Field

A few calls commenting on the excessive sopiness. Hey! I gave warnings throughout the show so those romantically un-inclined had enough time to switch.

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