Monday, May 25, 2009


Morning After, Sunday May 24, 2009

This was Memorial Day Weekend. U of D was very quiet on this spectacularly beautiful day. Students were either home or booking it in the libraries, what with graduation coming in about 10 days. Here's the play list for the day:

Artist : Pauseland Composition: Deep Days Album / CD : Pauseland
Artist : Bill Frisell Composition: The Sweetest Punch Album / CD : The Sweetest Punch
Artist : David Byrne Composition: Tiny Apocalypse Album / CD : Grown backwards
Artist : Tom Waits Composition: All the World is Green Album / CD : Blood Money
Artist : Bill Frisell Composition: This House is Empty Now Album / CD : The Sweetest Punch
Artist : Wilco Composition: Dash 7 Album / CD : A.M.
Artist : Nina Simone Composition: I Got IT Bad and That Ain;t Good Album / CD : Big Lebowksi Soundtrack
Artist : Tom Waits Composition: Take It With Me Album / CD : Mule Variations
Artist : Bobby McFerrin Composition: Common Threads Album / CD : Medicine Music
Artist : Booker T. Jones Composition: Space City Album / CD : Potato Hole
Artist : Will Bernard Composition: How Great Thou Art Album / CD : Blue Plate Special
Artist : Anders Osborne Composition: Me & Lola Album / CD : Ash Wednesday Blues
Artist : Jimmy Vaughn Composition: Little Son, Big Sun Album / CD : Cut There
Artist : Allen Toussaint Composition: Singin' The Blues Album / CD : The Bright Mississippi
Artist : Lafayette Gilchrist Composition: Soul Progressin Album / CD : Soul Progressin'
Artist : The Dirty Dozen Brass Band Composition: Duff Album / CD : Buck Jump
Artist : Organissimo Composition: Bleecker Album / CD : Groovadelphia
Artist : Charlie Hunter Composition: Fine Corinthian Leather Album / CD : Baboon Strength
Artist : Dr. Lonnie Smith Composition: Pilgrimage Album / CD : Rise Up
Artist : Grant Green Composition: God Bless the Child Album / CD : Sunday Morning
Artist : Charlie Hunter Composition: A Song for Karen Carpenter Album / CD : Baboon Strength
Artist : Mavis Staples Composition: Have a Little Faith Album / CD : Have a Little Faith
Artist : 007 Composition: Blow My Smoke Album / CD : You Only Drop Once
Artist : Oliver Mtukudzi Composition: Zimbabwe Album / CD : Shanda
Artist : Oliver Mtukudzi Composition: Kuropodza Album / CD : Tsimba Itsuka
Artist : TV On The Radio Composition: Family Tree Album / CD : Dear Science
Artist : Bobby McFerrin Composition: Circlesong #7 Album / CD : Circelsongs
Artist : The Bad Plus Composition: Radio Cure Album / CD : For All I Care
Artist : Pauseland Composition: When The Stars Retire Album / CD : Palindrome
Artist : Bill Frisell Composition: Listen Album / CD : The Intercontinentals
Artist : Branforrd Marsalis & Bruce Hornsby Composition: Star Spangled Banner Album / CD : Ken Burns' Basebal S/T
Artist : Ry Cooder Composition: Waitin' For Some Girl Album / CD : I, Flathead
Artist : Booker T. Jones Composition: Hey Ya Album / CD : Potato Hole

Two calls.
One caller wanted to get info on Charlie Hunter's "Fine Corinthian Leather". I gave a shout-out on the air waves to a certain Darrell Reimer, who clued me in on this seemingly secret CD release. Unfortunately today, the airwawves weren't strong enough to cross over into Ontario. Hey Darrell! Thanks again.

Another caller, shortly after The Bad Plus' "Radio Cure" finished, made sure to inform me that The Bad Plus were arrogant AND pretentious. HE laughed. He hung up. That was it. No discussion, no further elucidation of the topic.

I did make sure to announce multiple times during the 3 hour show that The Bad Plus will be appearing as part of this year's annual Clifford Brown Jazz Festival. They'll be there on June the 17th! Of course, I'll be providing pics and synops on my other site, sometime in mid June.

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