Monday, February 28, 2005


Sunday, February 27, 2005

Today's playlist with Artist, Composition, Album/CD is listed.

Starting @ 9:00 a.m.

Artist : Ray Wylie Hubbard Composition :The Morning I Am Born Again Album/CD :Delerious Tremolos
Artist : Holmes Brothers Composition :None but the Righteous Album/CD :Righteous
Artist : Soweto Gospel Choir Composition :Paradise Road Album/CD :Voices from Heaven
Artist : Mavis Staples Composition :Have a Little Faith Album/CD :Have a Little Faith
Artist : Campbell Bros w/ Kathie Jackson Composition :God is a Good God Album/CD :Sacred Steel
Artist : S. E. Rogie Composition :African Gospel Album/CD :Dead Men Don't Smoke Marijuana
Artist : Blind Boys of Alabama Composition :Higher Ground Album/CD :Higher Ground
Artist : Soweto Gospel Choir Composition :Vuma Album/CD :Voices from Heaven
Artist : Toumani Diabete Composition :Djelika Album/CD :Djelika
Artist : Cesaria Evora Composition :Petits Pays Album/CD :Cesaria Evora

Starting @ 10:00 a.m.

Artist : Milton Nasciemento Composition :O Cavelirrio Album/CD :Nasciemento
Artist : Sea & Cake Composition :Station in the Valley Album/CD :The Biz
Artist : The Persuasions Composition :Oh Darling Album/CD :Persuasions Sing the Beatles
Artist : Wallace Coleman Band Composition :Seems Like Album/CD :The Bad Weather Blues
Artist : Holmes Brothers Composition :When Something is Wrong with My Baby Album/CD :Righteous
Artist : Charles Walker Composition :Number by Heart Album/CD :Number by Heart
Artist : Jimmy Rogers Composition :Lemon Squeezer Album/CD :Blue Bird
Artist : Rufus Thomas Composition :I Can Do Bad by Myself Album/CD :Blues Thang
Artist : E.C. Scott Composition :Gotta Do Man Album/CD :The Other Side of Me
Artist : Mem Shannon Composition :My Baby's Been Watching TV Album/CD :A Cab Driver's Blues
Artist : Holmes Brothers Composition :The New & Improved Me Album/CD :Righteous
Artist : Jimmy Rogers Composition :Jammin' w/ Johnnie/St. Louis Blues Album/CD :Blue Bird
Artist : Wallace Coleman Band Composition :High Tech Blues Album/CD :The Bad Weather Blules
Artist : Nellie McKay Composition :Won't You Please Be Nice Album/CD :Get Away From Me

Starting @ 11:00 a.m.

Artist : The Cast Composition :Cookies Album/CD :A Year w/ Frog & Toad Soundtrack
Artist : Talking Heads Composition :(Nothing But) Flowers Album/CD :Naked
Artist : The Legendary Jim Ruiz Band Composition :My Bloody Yugo Album/CD :Oh Brother Where Art Thou?
Artist : John Lurie Composition :Big Trouble Album/CD :African Swim
Artist : Galactic Composition :Tenderness Album/CD :Ruckus
Artist : Spanic Boys Composition :London Town Album/CD :Spanic Boys
Artist : Ray Wylie Hubbard Composition :Cooler-N-Hell Album/CD :Delerious Tremolos
Artist : James McMurtry Composition :Out Her in the Middle Album/CD :Live in Ought Three
Artist : Ned Sublette Composition :Her Point of View Album/CD :Cowboy Rhumba
Artist : Jimmy Smith/Joey De Francesco Composition :I've Got My Mojo Workin' Album/CD :Legacy

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A Year with Frog & Toad
James McMurtry
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