Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sunday, February 15, 2009 (day after St. Valentine's Day)

The play list for today's Morning After was :

Artist : Tortoise Composition: I Set My Face To The Hillside Album / CD : TNT
Artist : Glenn Close reading Pablo Neruda's Composition: I Like for You to Be Still Album / CD : Il Postino S/T
Artist : Irvin Mayfield & Ellis Marsalis Composition: Mo' Betta Blues Album / CD : Love Songs, Ballads, & Stardust
Artist : The Persuasions Composition: Oh! Darling Album / CD : ..Sing the Beatles
Artist : Melody Gardot Composition: Love Me Like A River Does Album / CD : Worrisome Heart
Artist : Holly Cole Composition: I Want You Album / CD : Temptations
Artist : Holme Brotheres Composition: We Meet, We Part, We Remember Album / CD : Simple Truths
Artist : Eva Cassidy Composition: Fields of Gold Album / CD : Live @ Blues Alley
Artist : Richard & Linda Thompson Composition: Dimming of the Day / Dareal Album / CD : Pour Down Like Silver
Artist : Kate Wolf Composition: Give Yourself to Love Album / CD : The Wind Blows Wild
Artist : Billy Bragg Composition: I Keep Faith Album / CD : Mr. Love & Justice
Artist : Bill Charlap Trio Composition: Somewhere Album / CD : Somewhere
Artist : Matthew Ryan Composition: Sunk Album / CD : East Autumn Grin
Artist : Guy Davis Composition: Sweetheart like You Album / CD : Sweetheart Like You
Artist : Al Green Composition: Just Fro Me Album / CD : Lay It down
Artist : Flight of the Conchords Composition: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World Album / CD : Flight of the Conchords
Artist : Huoston Person & Bill Charlap Composition: If I Ruled the World Album / CD : You Taught My Heart To Sing
Artist : David "Fathead" Newman Composition: Skylark Album / CD : Diamonhead
Artist : Bill Evans Composition: Stairway to the Stars Album / CD : Undercurrent
Artist : Dr. John Composition: Nearness of You Album / CD : ..Plays Mac Rebennack, Vol. 1
Artist : Dr. John Composition: I Ain't no Johnny Mercer Album / CD : Mercernary
Artist : Dr. John Composition: How Come My Dog Don't Bark When You Come Around? Album / CD : Goin' Back to New Orleans
Artist : J.J. Grey & Mofro Composition: I Believe in Everything Album / CD : Orange Blossoms
Artist : J.J. Grey & Mofro Composition: Six Ways to Sunday Album / CD : Lochloosa
Artist : Holmes Brothers Composition: Hey Baby! Album / CD : Simple Truths
Artist : The Jazz Passengers Composition: The Tide is High Album / CD : Individually Twisted
Artist : Michelle Shocked Composition: I Know What u Dub Album / CD : Dub Natural
Artist : Michelle Shocked Composition: Lonely Planet Album / CD : Mexican Standoff
Artist : Matthew Ryan Composition: Heartache Weather Album / CD : East Autumn Grin
Artist : Tommy Womack Composition: Alpha Male & The Canine Mystery Blod Album / CD : There, I Said it!
Artist : Billy Bragg Composition: Must I Paint You A Picture? Album / CD : Worker's Playtime
Artist : Matthew Ryan Composition: American Dirt Album / CD : Matthew Ryan v. Silver State
Artist : TV On The radio Composition: Family Tree Album / CD : Dear Science
Artist : Andrew Bird Composition: Tenuousness Album / CD : Noble Beast
Artist : Bill Bragg Composition: Valentine's Day is Over Album / CD : Worker's Playtime
Artist : Jenny Scheinman Composition: Hard Sole Shoe Album / CD : Crossing the Field

A few calls commenting on the excessive sopiness. Hey! I gave warnings throughout the show so those romantically un-inclined had enough time to switch.

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