Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Sunday January 28, 2007

Here's the playlist for The Morning After broadcast today form 9:00 to 12:00 am EST.

Artist : Devotchka Composition: We're Gonna Make It Album / CD : Little Miss Sunshine Soundtrack
Artist : Devotchka Composition: Do You Think There's a Heaven Album / CD : Little Miss Sunshine Soundtrack
Artist : Holmes Brothers Composition: I Shall Not Walk Alone Album / CD : Speaking in Tongues
Artist : Richard Thompson Composition: Parents Album / CD : Grizzly Man
Artist : Ry Cooder Composition: The Very Thing That Makes You Rich Album / CD : Bop 'Til you Drop
Artist : Holmes Brothers Composition: Amazing Grace Album / CD : Jubilation
Artist : Micahel Perlowin Composition: Gymnopedie #1 Album / CD : Firbird Suite
Artist : Branford Marsalis Composition: Gymnopedie #3 Album / CD : Creation
Artist : Hank Jones & Charlie Haden Composition: Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child Album / CD : Steal Away
Artist : S. E. Rogie Composition: African Gospel Album / CD : Dead Men Don’t Smoke Marijuana
Artist : Michael Carvin Composition: You Go To My Head Album / CD : Marsalis Music Presents…
Artist : Louis Armstrong/Oscar Peterson Composition: You Go To My Head Album / CD : Louis Meets Oscar
Artist : Herbie Hancock Composition: On Green Dolphian Street Album / CD : The Piano
Artist : Ralph Sutton Composition: Ain't Misbehavin' Album / CD : Ralph Sutton @ St. George's Church
Artist : Louis Armstrong Composition: Blue Turning Grey Over You Album / CD : Satch Plays Fats
Artist : Louis Armstrong Composition: Hesitatin' Blues Album / CD : Plays W.C. Handy
Artist : John Mooney Composition: Late Last Night Album / CD : Late Last Night
Artist : Janiva Magnes Composition: Who's Gonna Help a Brother Get Further Album / CD : Use What You Got
Artist : Janiva Magnes Composition: I Want You to Have Everything Album / CD : Do I Move You?
Artist : Clarence Spady Composition: Picture of Love Album / CD : Nature of the Beast
Artist : E. C. Scott Composition: Call Me Album / CD : The Other Side of Me
Artist : Marcus Strickland Composition: An Oasis of Bronze Album / CD : Twi-Life
Artist : Robert Glasper Trio Composition: Lil Tipsy Album / CD : Mood
Artist : Stanton Moore Composition: Big 'Uns Get The Ball Rolling Album / CD : III
Artist : Dr. Lonnie Smith Composition: Back Track Album / CD : Too Damn Hot
Artist : Galactic Composition: Baker's Dozen Album / CD : Late for the Future
Artist : Galactic Composition: Go Go Album / CD : Coolin' Off
Artist : Shuggie Otis Composition: Slow Goombah Blues Album / CD : Plays the Blues
Artist : Hubert Sumlin Composition: A Soul That's Been Abused Album / CD : Hubert Sumlin's Blues Party
Artist : Charlie Walker Composition: One Man's Poison Album / CD : Number by Heart
Artist : Los Lobos Composition: Good Morning Azatlan Album / CD : Live @ Fillmore West
Artist : Ozomatli Composition: (Who Discovered) America? Album / CD : Street Signs
Artist : Ozomatli Composition: Super Bowl Sundae Album / CD : Ozomatli

Tehre were a few calls commenting on the show and inquiries regarding the Robert Glasper Trio compostion, Lil Tipsy.


Is Los Lobos, Live @ The Filmore worth getting? I've hesitated putting down the plastic for it, especially after their latest disc. It's not that The Town & The City is *bad* ... it just doesn't quite move me to same degree as their earlier stuff. I guess I likes the rock and the roll.
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