Sunday, February 25, 2007


Sunday February 25, 2007

Here's the playlist for Morning After.

Artist : Richie Beirach Composition: Des Pas Sur la Neige Album / CD : Sunday Songs
Artist : Wasilewski, Kurkiewicz, Miskiewicz Composition: K. T. C. Album / CD : Trio
Artist : Esbjorn Svensson Trio Composition: Strange Place for Snow Album / CD : Strange Place for Snow
Artist : Cassandra Wilson Composition: Time After Time Album / CD : Travelin' Miles
Artist : Charlie Musselwhite Composition: Christo Redemptor Album / CD : Harmonica Classics
Artist : McCoy Tyner Composition: Loss of Love Album / CD : Preludes & Sonatas
Artist : Brian Blade Fellowship Composition: Red River Revel Album / CD : Brian Blade Fellowship
Artist : Cedar Walton Composition: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Album / CD : The Promised Land
Artist : LaVerne Butler Composition: Little Girl Blue Album / CD : Day Dreamin'
Artist : Holly Cole Composition: Little Boy Blue Album / CD : Temptation
Artist : James Hunter Composition: I'll Walk Away Album / CD : People Gonna Talk
Artist : Peggy Lee Composition: Somebody Loves Me Album / CD : Travelin' Light
Artist : Grant Green Composition: A Day In The Life Album / CD : Blue Note Plays The Beatles
Artist : Jimmy Smith Composition: Tuition Blues Album / CD : Dot Com Blues
Artist : Dr. Lonnie Smith Composition: Bemsha Swing Album / CD : Jungle Soul
Artist : LaVerne Butler Composition: This Bitter Earth Album / CD : Blues in the City
Artist : Jeff Bradshw (w/ Jill Scott) Composition: Slide Album / CD : Bone Deep
Artist : Dinah Washington Composition: Big Long Slidy Thing Album / CD : The Definitive…
Artist : Lauryn Hill Composition: Mr. Intentional Album / CD : Unplugged
Artist : Wilco Composition: Kamera Album / CD : Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Artist : Guster Composition: Satellite Album / CD : Ganging Up On The Sun
Artist : Devotchka Composition: The Enemey Guns Album / CD : How it Ends
Artist : Built To Spill Composition: Tracks Album / CD : You in Reverse
Artist : Beirut Composition: Postcards from Italy Album / CD : Gulag Orkestar
Artist : Neil Young Composition: Mr. Disappointment Album / CD : Are You Passionate?
Artist : Greg Brown Composition: Two Little Feet Album / CD : In the Hills of California
Artist : Billy Bragg Composition: Won't Talk About It Album / CD : Brewin' Up With..
Artist : Billy Bragg Composition: The Saturday Boy Album / CD : Brewin' Up With..
Artist : Billy Bragg Composition: Must I Paint You a Picture? Album / CD : Worker's Playtime
Artist : The Heartbeats Composition: Living in Babylon Album / CD : Spinning World
Artist : Richard Thompson Composition: Hand of Kindness Album / CD : Hand of Kindness
Artist : Billy Bragg Composition: Shirley Album / CD : Reaching to the Converted
Artist : Bottle Rockets Composition: Happy Anniversary Album / CD : Zoysia

A few calls regarding Billy Bragg and Esbjorn Svensson Trio. The latter wil be playing at the World Cafe in Philly on Sunday April 15th. A must see show.


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