Monday, April 06, 2009


Morning After Sunday April 5, 2009

On a beautiful sunny Spring day, the show's playlist was:

Artist : Brendan Power Composition: My Lagan Love Album / CD : New Irish Harmonica
Artist : Pauseland Composition: When the Stars Retire Album / CD : Palindrome
Artist : Jessica Williams Composition: Song For a Baby Album / CD : Songs For a New Century
Artist : Jacky Terrasson & Cassandra Wilson Composition: Little Boy Lost Album / CD : Rendezvous
Artist : Hewar Composition: Project Album / CD : Hewar
Artist : Sarah Bogles & the Broken Singles Composition: No One Will Ever Love You Album / CD : The Stars Are Out
Artist : Saw Doctors Composition: Wake Up Sleeping Album / CD : Sing a Powerful Song
Artist : Avishai Cohen Composition: First Drops Album / CD : Flood
Artist : Herlin Riley Composition: Need Ja Help Album / CD : Cream of the Crescent
Artist : Jacky Terrasson & Cassandra Wilson Composition: You've Got A Friend Album / CD : Mirror
Artist : Benny Green Composition: Someone to Watch Over Me Album / CD : Green's Blues
Artist : Grant Green Composition: God Bless the Child Album / CD : Sunday Morning
Artist : Chick Corea Composition: I Don't Know Album / CD : Now He Sings, Now He Sobs
Artist : Blue Mitcheell Composition: How Deep Is The Ocean Album / CD : The Cup Bearers
Artist : Jenny Scheinman Composition: Hard Sole Shoes Album / CD : Crossing the Field
Artist : The Bad Plus Composition: Anthem for the Earnest Album / CD : Suspicious Activity
Artist : The Bad Plus Composition: Long Distance Runaround Album / CD : For All I Care
Artist : Yes Composition: Long Distance Runaround Album / CD : Fragile
Artist : Flash Composition: Samll Beginnings Album / CD : Flash
Artist : King Crimson Composition: The Talking Drum Album / CD : Lark's Tongue in Aspic
Artist : William Shatner Composition: Common People Album / CD : Has Been
Artist : David Sylvian Composition: Taking the Veil Album / CD : Come to Earth
Artist : Arto Lindsay Composition: My Mind is Going Album / CD : The Subtle Body
Artist : Minus the Bear Composition: Drilling Album / CD : Menos El Oro
Artist : New Order Composition: Regret Album / CD : Republic
Artist : Amadou & Miriam Composition: Seketbe Album / CD : Welcome to Mali
Artist : The Sea & Cake Composition: Aerial Album / CD : Car Alarm
Artist : Don Caballero Composition: Fire Back About Your Baby's Sex Album / CD : American Don
Artist : Andrew Bird Composition: Plasticities Album / CD : Armchair Apocrypha
Artist : Legendary Jim Ruiz Band Composition: My Bloody Yugo Album / CD : Oh Brother Where Art Thou?
Artist : The Horseflies Composition: Human Fly Album / CD : Human Fly
Artist : Booker T Composition: Hey Ya Album / CD : Potato Hole

Nary a call. Students are still out on Spring Break. The locals are probably outside gardening and taking advantage of the rain-less day.

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