Tuesday, October 05, 2010


The Morning After SUnday October 3, 2010

For the first Sunday of October, the set list was as follows:

Artist : Cyrus Chestnut Composition: Lean On Me Album / CD : Solo Piano
Artist : Shawn Qaissaunne (w/ Sharon Sable on Vocals) Composition: The Very Thought of You Album / CD : Comfort Me
Artist : Holly Cole Composition: Take Me Home Album / CD : Temptation
Artist : Charlie Hunter Composition: High & Dry Album / CD : Gentlemen, I Regret To Inform You You Will Not Be Getting Paid
Artist : The Low Anthem Composition: (Don't) Tremble Album / CD : Oh My God, Charlie Brown
Artist : Avishai Cohen Composition: First Drops Album / CD : Flood
Artist : Bill Frisell Composition: Beautiful Dreamer Album / CD : Beautiful Dreamer
Artist : Andrew Bird Composition: Day Breaks Badly Album / CD : Daytrotter Sessions
Artist : Jenny Scheinman Composition: Hard Sole Shoe Album / CD : Crossing the Field
Artist : The Bad Plus Composition: Never Stop Album / CD : Never Stop
Artist : Ben Folds Composition: Picture Window Album / CD : Lonely Avenue
Artist : Michale Carvin Composition: Forest Flower Album / CD : Marsalis Music Presents…
Artist : The Stefan Schultz Quartet Composition: Last night Album / CD : Summa Cum Jazz Vol. 2
Artist : Holly Cole Composition: I've Just Seen a Face Album / CD : Blue Note Plays the Beatles
Artist : Tim Warfield Composition: I'll Be Seeing You Album / CD : A Sentimental Journey
Artist : Todd Snider Composition: Greencastle Blues Album / CD : The Excitement Plan
Artist : William Shatner Composition: That's Me Trying Album / CD : Has Been
Artist : Kathleen Edwards Composition: Asking for Flowers Album / CD : Asking for Flowers
Artist : Janiva Magness Composition: I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down Album / CD : The Devil is an Angel Too
Artist : Lucinda Williams Composition: Car Wheels on a Gravel Road Album / CD : Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
Artist : Anders Osborne Composition: Back in Dumaine Album / CD : Coming Down
Artist : Ben Sidran Composition: Rainy Day Woman # 12 & # 35 Album / CD : Dylan Different
Artist : Ike Reilly Composition: Morning Glory Album / CD : Hard Luck Stories
Artist : Michelle Shocked Composition: Match Burns Twice Album / CD : Mexican Standoff
Artist : Randy Newman Composition: You Can Leave Your Hat On Album / CD : Best Of
Artist : Ben Vaughan Composition: 7 Days Without Love Album / CD : Rambler 65
Artist : William Clarke Composition: My Mind Is Workign Overtime Album / CD : The Hard Way
Artist : Omar Kent Dykes & Jimmie Vaughan Composition: Baby, What's Wrong? Album / CD : On The Jimmy Reed Highway
Artist : Clarence Spady Composition: I'll Never Sell You Out Album / CD : Just Between Us
Artist : Omar Kent Dykes Composition: Since I Met You Baby Album / CD : Big Town Playboy
Artist : Clarence Spady Composition: Just Between Us Album / CD : Just Between Us
Artist : Al Green Composition: Full of Fire Album / CD : Immortal Soul 4 CD Collection
Artist : Al Green Composition: I'm Still in Love With You Album / CD : Immortal Soul 4 CD Collection

The routine of the show went back to the regular format; slow and relatively quiet in the first hour with a bit more ampaage once 10:00 rolled around. Didn't want to generate any waves on the coffee.

No calls today, even after a short controlled rant I had re. the Republican candidate for Senate in the coming Nov. 2nd election and today's scorching NYT editorial by Frank Rich on the less-than-capable candidate in question. My only problem with the editorial was that Mr. Rich spent a bit too much on O'Donnell when he should have been talking about Castle's loss. The latter reflected a true disconnect between a fine politician's accomplishments and service and the total lack of knowledge on (Delaware's Republicans') voters' part. Be that as it may, no calls made; hope folks are alive out there and going to vote in November. While the candidate may be a joke, the election is not....

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