Saturday, February 12, 2011


Avenue C, Friday February 4, 2011

Sat in for Don, the usual DJ for this WVUD Jazz program which runs form Monday thorugh Friday from 9:00 until 11:00 PM, EST. THis was the 1st of three "Avenue C"'s that I would be hosting in February.

The play list for this Friday's show was as follows:

Artist : Garage a Trois Composition: The Machine Album / CD : Outre Mer Soundtrack
Artist : Jenny Scheinman Composition: Hard Sole Shoe Album / CD : Crossing The Field
Artist : Lafayette Gilchrist Composition: Rumble Album / CD : The Music According to …
Artist : Bad Plus Composition: Comfortably Numb Album / CD : For All I Care
Artist : Dr. Lonnie Smith Composition: BeeHive Album / CD : Spiral
Artist : Cameron Mitell Composition: Fearless Album / CD : Life is Loud
Artist : Robert Walters Composition: Dump Truck Album / CD : Giving Up The Ghost
Artist : Will Bernard Composition: 571 Album / CD : Blue Plate Special
Artist : Charlie Hunter Composition: You Look Good in Orange Album / CD : Gentlemen, I Neglected to Inform You That You Will Not Be Gettng Paid
Artist : Lafayette Gilchrist Composition: Soul Progressin' Album / CD : Soul Progressin'
Artist : Frank Zappa Composition: Uncel Remus Album / CD : Apostrophe / Overnight Sensation
Artist : John Ellis Composition: Dewey Down Album / CD : Puppet Mischief
Artist : Leon Parker Composition: Caravan Album / CD : Above & Below
Artist : Leon Parker & Charlie Hunter Composition: Belief Album / CD : Duo
Artist : Peter Bernstein Trio Composition: Well you Needn't Album / CD : Monk
Artist : Bad Plus Composition: Never Sop Album / CD : Never Stop
Artist : Lafayette Gilchrist Composition: New Jack Album / CD : Reverse The Shining Path
Artist : Dr. Lonnie Smith Composition: Come Together Album / CD : Rise Up!
Artist : Soulive Composition: Eleanor Rigby Album / CD : Rubber Soulive
Artist : Robert Walters Composition: Money Changes Album / CD : Cure All
Artist : Will Bernard Trio Composition: What's Left Album / CD : Directions to My House

A few calls, specifically for info on Lafayette Gilchrist and interested calls for the Jenny Scheinman song, "Hard Sole Shoes", a song I tend to play on The Morning Fog on many an occassion. Jason Moran is on piano, Bill Frissell on guitar, Jenny Scheinman on violin and the balance of the band cooks as well.

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