Friday, March 30, 2012


The Morning After. 9 to 12 EST, Sunday, March 18, 2012

Since this was the annual Radiothon @ WVUD, there was much of the talking less of the music so that funds could be raised to help the station acquire the necessary equipment to keep our signal clear and strong.  So, obviously, quite a lot of the songs were oriented toward monetary subjects.

Thanks for the calls and the pledges!  Next time that I'll be hosting, there will minimal of the talking!

Artist : Kevin Gordon Composition: Colfax Album / CD : Gloryland
Artist : Los Lobos Composition: This Time Album / CD : This Time
Artist : Greg Brown Composition: You Drive Me Crazy Album / CD : The Live One
Artist : Bahamas Composition: Time & Time Again Album / CD : Barchords
Artist : Tony Scherr Composition: In My Hands Album / CD : Come Around
Artist : J J Cale Composition: Days Go By Album / CD : Guitar Man
Artist : Jack Johnson Composition: Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Album / CD : In Between Dreams
Artist : Jason Collett Composition: We All Lose One Another Album / CD : Idols of Exile
Artist : Charles Brown Composition: I Don't Want To get Adjusted Album / CD : Someone To Love
Artist : Campbell Brothers Composition: Frammin' Album / CD : Do You Feel It?
Artist : J Geils Band Composition: First I Look AT The Purse Album / CD : Full House
Artist : Wax On Wax Off Composition: I Want My Records Back Album / CD : A Lecture on Geek Mythology
Artist : Billy Bragg and The Blokes Composition: Tears of My Tracks Album / CD : England Half England
Artist : John Lee Hooker Composition: I Need Some Money Album / CD : Sings The Bues
Artist : Carolina Chocolate Drops Composition: Knockin' Album / CD : 4 Song EP
Artist : Zaz Composition: La Fee Album / CD : Zaz
Artist : Tegan and Sara Composition: You Wouldn't Like Me Album / CD : So Jealous
Artist : Arcade Fire Composition: Modern Man Album / CD : The Suburbs
Artist : Kate and Anna McGarrigle Composition: Kiss and Say Goodbye Album / CD : Tell My Sister
Artist : Kathleen Edwards Composition: Money Talks Album / CD : Live From Bowery Ballroom
Artist : Moxy Fruvous Composition: Ash Hash Album / CD : "b" Side
Artist : Leonard Cohen Composition: Darkness Album / CD : Old Ideas
Artist : Kathleen Edwards Composition: A Soft Place To Land Album / CD : Voyageur
Artist : Southside Johnny and La Bamba's Big Band Composition: Temptation Album / CD : Grapefruit Moon
Artist : Ruthie Foster Composition: This Time Album / CD : Let It Burn

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