Saturday, March 03, 2012


"The Morning After". Sunday, 9 to 12 Noon EST, Sunday, February 22, 2012

The Carolina Chocolate Drops will be playing in Wilmington @ The Queen in about 2 weeks, so there was extra selections from some of their albums being played.

Artist : Gustavo Santaolalla Composition: Pampa Album / CD : Ron Roco
Artist : Samite Composition: Ani Munauge Album / CD : Dance My Children Dance
Artist : Corey Harris Composition: Daily Bread Album / CD : Daily Bread
Artist : Carolina Chocolate Drops Composition: Snowden's Jig (Genuine Negro Jig) Album / CD : Genuine Negro Jig
Artist : Brendan Power Composition: My Lagan Love Album / CD : New Irish Harmonica
Artist : Fellow Travellers Composition: Train of Tears / Blue Train Album / CD : Just a Visitor
Artist : Ernest Ranglin Composition: Suritin Album / CD : Below the Bass Line
Artist : Rabih Abou-Khalil Composition: Sunrise in Montreal Album / CD : The Sultan's Picnic
Artist : Explosions in the Sky Composition: First Breath After Coma Album / CD : The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place
Artist : David Berkman Composition: Not A Christmas Song Album / CD : Handmade
Artist : Rebecca Martin Composition: But Not For Me Album / CD : When I Was Long Ago
Artist : Bill Frisell Composition: That Was Then Album / CD : Good Dog Happy Man
Artist : Joe Henry Composition: Angels Album / CD : Fuse
Artist : Tony Scheer Composition: Stuck It Out Album / CD : Come Around
Artist : Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan Composition: Memoirs of An Owned Dog Album / CD : Retrospect
Artist : Jerry Douglas Composition: Grant's Corner Album / CD : Under the Wire
Artist : Little Feat Composition: Easy to Slip Album / CD : Saling Shoes
Artist : Leonard Cohen Composition: Going Home Album / CD : Old Ideas
Artist : William Shatner Composition: You'll Have Time Album / CD : Has Been
Artist : Reverend Billy Wirtz Composition: Daddy Was A Sensitive Man Album / CD : Pianist Envy
Artist : John Lurie Composition: Big Trouble Album / CD : African Swim
Artist : Billy Collins Composition: On Reading in the Morning Paper That Dreams May Only Be Nonsense Album / CD : The Best Cigarette
Artist : Bob Dylan Composition: Things Have chnaged Album / CD : Wonder Boys S/T
Artist : Mary Elizabeth Mastratiano Composition: Dimming of The day Album / CD : Limbo S/T
Artist : Holmes Brothers Composition: You're the Kind Of trouble Album / CD : Feed My Soul
Artist : Carolina Chocolate Drops Composition: Short Skirt Girl Album / CD : 4 Song EP
Artist : David Bromberg Composition: Tongue Album / CD : Use Me
Artist : Los Lobos Composition: West L.A. Fadeaway Album / CD : Tincan Trust
Artist : Bill Kirchen Composition: I Don't work That Cheap Album / CD : Word To The Wise
Artist : Ben Vaughn Composition: 7 Days Without Love Album / CD : Rambler 65
Artist : Ry Cooder Composition: I Got Mine Album / CD : Chicken Skin Music
Artist : Tomislav Golub w/ Tomislav Kostelic Composition: Jesus on The Mainline Album / CD : Little Pigeon's Far Hills Blues

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